Let's get to know one another.

You might be surprised that our initial questions aren’t about what you earn or have in the bank, but rather, your life’s story and goals.

We take time to understand who you are and what you’re passionate about. The Verus approach to financial planning means developing a relationship and a strategy based on your own personal values.

Build a plan that makes a difference.

Your financial decisions are yours to make.

Verus is simply here to guide you. A sound financial plan created with your best interests foremost in mind helps put you on a path to success.

It determines how to save, spend, give, pay taxes and invest. And when life gives you great moments or unexpectedly alters your course, we can navigate and adjust your plan as necessary.

You don't get one of us. you get all of us.

Verus is a team-oriented firm that takes an inclusive approach to your financial plan, considering a range of financial details and factors that affect your life.

That’s why, in addition to planning, Verus clients benefit from tax and investment advisory services.

Together, we work towards a single goal: your success.

Transparent pricing from trusted partners.

Our fee-only pricing structure seeks to provide transparency, trust, and a promise that we are acting in your best interests at all times.  We sell no products, are not driven by quotas, and do not earn commissions on the purchase of investments.

Verus clients generally pay only a fee as a percentage of their assets under management- and that’s it.*

*At its discretion, Verus can be engaged on a different fee arrangement, including on a fixed fee basis.