Why Invest Globally?

9.24.18 | Investments

As the U.S. stock market reaches new highs, you may be asking yourself, “Why aren’t my accounts doing the same?” The answer can be complicated, but for most investment portfolios the answer comes...

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Beware the Bears

9.18.18 | Investments

If you’ve been paying attention to the financial news lately, you’re probably seeing a lot of ominous predictions—and they’re usually backed up by some ominous headline.  The most simplistic are saying that the...

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Increase Your Interest Income with Online Banks

9.7.18 | Financial Planning

Are you earning a competitive rate of return on your cash savings?  As interest rates continue to rise, there are a number of online banks now offering interest rates that are much higher...

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Stealthy Bears

7.20.18 | Investments

You’ve no doubt read that we are experiencing the second-longest bull market since World War II, which started in March of 2009 and has continued without a bear market (defined as a decline...

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Are You Ready to Retire?

7.13.18 | Financial Planning

Choosing to permanently leave the workforce can be both an exciting and nervous time.  Chances are, you have been working full time for 30 or 40+ years and are used to receiving a...

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Second Quarter 2018 Market Review

7.6.18 | Investments

Second Quarter 2018 Market Review The attached report features world capital market performance and a timeline of events for the past quarter. It begins with a global overview, then features the returns of...

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Value of Charitable Gifting from an IRA Under the New Tax Law

6.22.18 | Financial Planning

Value of Charitable Gifting from an IRA Under the New Tax Law In late 2017, Congress passed the new tax law that contained numerous changes to the then existing law.  One provision that...

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Tommy Blackburn receives VSCPA & InvestmentNews Recognition

6.18.18 | Industry News

It is our honor to announce that Tommy Blackburn has been recognized by two organizations over the past month: Virginia Society of CPA’s “Top 5 Under 35” https://www.vscpa.com/content/66921.aspx Investment News “Top 40 Under...

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VSCPA Article on Culture

5.4.18 | Industry News

As many of you have heard us say over the years, at Verus “culture” is the most important thing.  It aligns everything we do and how we engage with our team and you,...

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Tuning Out the Noise

5.2.18 | Financial Planning

Tuning Out the Noise For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news about markets. Being bombarded with data and headlines presented as impactful to your financial...

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