Tax Advisory

Building your financial goals with tax implications in mind.

Where there is money, there are taxes. That’s the simple reason we offer all clients tax strategy, planning, and preparation to ensure that all decisions you make as part of your financial plan carefully consider the tax effects.

Investment Guidance

Diversified strategy - driven by your financial plan.

Investing is risky, and our approach is to provide clients a clear investment strategy that ensures stability over the long haul – not short-term gains. We’re also not driven by commissions or sales quotas, so the investments we recommend are in your best interests – not ours.

Fee-Only Pricing

Removing incentives to focus squarely on your goals and objectives.

Financial planners shouldn’t try to sell you products or earn money on investments they recommend. Doing so can create a conflict of interest. So at Verus, clients generally pay only a fee on their assets under our management and nothing more. It’s a pricing structure that removes incentives and ensures everything we do is carried out in your best interests.