Newly Retired or nearing retirement.

You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved up. And if you’re considering wrapping up your career within the next five years, now is the time to talk to a financial advisor to ensure you can seamlessly take that next step — and give you an understanding of what your future may hold. We’ll discuss your goals and objectives, then build a flexible financial plan with investments to support that plan.

Individuals and Families Who Are Serious savers and investors.

If you’ve been diligent about putting away for your future, but have been going at it on your own and feel you need a better strategy, reach out. We can help ensure your portfolio is balanced to manage both risk and reward, and set you up to achieve your financial goals. At Verus, we have worked with generations of family members to help them meet their goals and objectives — and we take great pride in those long-term relationships.

Good People Seeking a trusted advisor.

As a general rule, we believe our services are best suited for individuals and families with minimum investable assets of $1,000,000, which we will manage and support with financial and tax planning. Below that threshold, we encourage you to investigate other fee-only financial advisors, including those listed on the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) website or the Garrett Planning Network.

Verus Financial Partners is not affiliated with NAPFA, the Garrett Planning Network, or any other registered investment adviser. You are under no obligation to engage the services of any such registered investment adviser, and you retain absolute discretion over all such decisions. Verus Financial Partners has not reviewed, vetted, or approved any registered investment adviser or other financial professional appearing on the NAPFA or Garrett Planning Network listings, and all those seeking to engage the services of a registered investment adviser or other financial professional are strongly advised to review pertinent background and disciplinary information on that organization or individual through the public disclosures made available on:
If you engage any unaffiliated registered investment adviser or other financial professional, and a dispute arises thereafter relative to such engagement, you agree to seek recourse exclusively from the engaged professional. At all times, the engaged professional(s), and not Verus Financial Partners, shall be responsible for the quality and competency of the services provided.