Tommy Blackburn receives VSCPA & InvestmentNews Recognition

6.18.18 | Industry News

It is our honor to announce that Tommy Blackburn has been recognized by two organizations over the past month: Virginia Society of CPA’s “Top 5 Under 35” Investment News “Top 40 Under...

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VSCPA Article on Culture

5.4.18 | Industry News

As many of you have heard us say over the years, at Verus “culture” is the most important thing.  It aligns everything we do and how we engage with our team and you,...

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Protecting Your Identity

9.28.17 | Industry News

        As the recent Equifax data breach continues to unfold, below are items you can do to help protect yourself: 1. Check to see if you were potentially affected.  Equifax has on...

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How to Respond to a Data Breach

9.11.17 | Industry News

You may have read that hackers broke into the Equifax database and stole personal information tied to 143 million people.  The hackers accessed people’s names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in...

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Don’t Sell on Headlines

8.11.17 | Industry News

So far, the world markets seem to be shrugging off the sabre-rattling coming from North Korea (normal behavior) and the U.S. White House (complete departure from policy). The smart money is betting that...

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The Trump Effect

11.9.16 | Industry News

President Trump’s Unlikely Victory With the election of President Donald Trump, you are advised to prepare for a wild ride in the investment markets; indeed, the markets are already turning sharply negative due...

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