For most of Kathy Allen’s career, she’s held one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs: Stay-at-home mom.

But as her children got older and she gained more flexibility, she started exploring part-time roles. She found Verus years ago through a neighbor — Senior Vice President Ed Hoppe — and jumped in during tax season to help organize tax forms and information for the firm’s preparers and financial planners. Today, she works at Verus year-round, jumping in where needed to keep the firm organized and ensure clients’ needs are met.

“Ed is how I landed here,” she says, “but why I have stayed here is that Verus is the most welcoming, caring place I’ve ever been — both for the people who work here, and those we serve.”

That’s a feeling that translates into the way clients are treated — honestly, friendly, and with respect. “The firm does everything they can to make taxes or financial planning a wonderful and welcoming experience for them,” says Kathy, a graduate of Penn State.

Kathy and her husband, Jeff, raised two kids and enjoy traveling and exploring the outdoors (it’s how their daughter wound up a student at the University of Maine).

“Coming back to work has been a transition, but it has been great,” Kathy says. “I was ready to spread my wings, and Verus has really helped me do that. I didn’t realize how much I would love coming back to work. They are amazing people.”