If you call our office or stop on by, it’s Alana Hunt who will likely pick up the phone or greet you with that smile all our clients and partners know. Since she started as a receptionist here in 2009, the now-veteran Verus teammate has expanded in her role and grown in her career.

“In between assisting clients, you’ll see me running around the office to fix technical issues or working with our IT support team to maintain all the technologies required to run the firm,” says Alana. She keeps the firm humming with her organization and often volunteers on firm projects like research or data management. Julie Waitman, Verus’ senior vice president, refers to Alana as the firm’s “light” — a bright spot on the team who is deeply engaged with staff and clients.

“For me, Verus has been the perfect fit because of our shared values of strong character, truth and going the extra mile for those we serve,” Alana says. Beyond excelling in financial, tax and investment planning and management, she says what sets the firm apart is the strong sense of community it has built over the years with clients.

Alana and her husband, RJ, have two twin Labrador brothers, Ricky and Bobby. She volunteers at the local SPCA shelter, plans events at her local church, and serves at the USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia.